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CIMA Ambassador at your University!

Our ideal CIMA Ambassador : knows CIMA; builds and maintains professional relationship with CIMA Community Members; knows English well – at least B2; is dynamic, creative and understands social media communication tools; is  a University student; is  a member of student organization at the University; CIMA Ambassador responsibilities: promoting CIMA among University students; representing CIMA
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Welcome to CIG.ASE.RO!

The Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems aims attaining a level of excellence in accounting research, being a leader in accounting higher education quality programs and developing opportunities for lifelong learning


About us

Within the present-day context of an informational society and of a knowledge-based economy, the faculty of Accounting and Management Information Technology produces economists with a double competency, in the accounting field as well as in the management of information systems.

The Romanian accounting reorganization develops and strengthens the position of accounting specialists that are highly qualified in producing and using accounting information, the role of an effective management of resources divided on patrimonial entities, of patrimony and trading companies evaluation, the role of the financial-economic analysis and of the enterprise profitability studies.

A new element introduced by the reorganization of accounting, which proves the value and social recognition of the specialists in this field, is the liberalization of the chartered accountant profession, of certified accountant and financial auditor. Such a measure is a result of the need of consultancy and orientation in the management of resources and business administration, in order to attain a maximum profitability.



Our faculty organizes Bachelor`s, Master`s and Doctoral programs in Romanian and English.

Bachelor's programs

Accounting and management information systems

Master's programs

The academic master programs endow particular training and expertise on specific domains: accountancy, control and audit, international accountancy and audit, financial-accounting information system.
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Doctoral study programs

The development of doctoral schools within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies occurs in the context of it being one of the best research intensive and education universities in Romania. This is the most prestigious economic university in Romania, which has been organizing economic studies for nearly a century.


6 Piata Romana, 1st district

Bucharest, 010374 Romania